Officer Board 2017-2018


Francesa "Fran" Oleta

Francesca Oleta is a third year chemistry major at the University of Houtson. Ever since she was in fifth grade she has wanted to become a pharmacist.  She has been a member of PPA since August 2015 and has a love for cute things such as totoro and corgis. She is also obsessed with stationary and film. Ultimately, her dream is to be a chemotherapy pharmacist.

Vice President

Naya Williams

 Naya Williams is a second year Chemistry major at the University of Houston. She has been a member of PPA since August. She loves potatoes, anime, and gymnastics. She is currently working as a pharmacy technician at CVS, but aspires to be a clinical pharmacist at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.


Sara Sheikh

Sara Sheikh is a fourth-year nutrition major at the University of Houston. She has been a member of PPA since August 2016 and has a love for coffee and movies. As an aspiring pharmacist, she hopes in the near future to have her own pharmacy.


Bryan Pari-an​​​​​​​

Bryan Pari-an is a senior at the University of Houston and has been with PPA since 2015. His dream is to become a hospital pharmacist or possibly own his own compounding pharmacy. On his spare time he enjoys reading comics, playing the guitar, and working out at the gym. If you can't find him doing those then he's probably with Cindy, our webmaster.


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Julie Lu

Julie Lu is a third-year Digital Tech major. She started her pre-pharmacy career after a semester at art school and has been with PPA since August 2016. Her favorite things in the world are her dog and her vinyls. She aspires to be a great pharmacist hopes to work for Doctors Without Borders someday.

Public Relations

Kayla Washington

Kayla Washington is a third year Biology major and Spanish minor at the University of Houston. She is passionate about medicine and mental health and aspires to combine the two in a future career as a pharmacist working closely with or in mental health institutions. In her free time she enjoys practicing Spanish, doing crafts, shopping and taking care of her pet frogs.


Cindy Nguyen​​​​​​​

Cindy Nguyen is a transfer student and has been with PPA since 2016. She graduated high school early and is a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed pharmacy technician. Currently, she is working for Walgreens Pharmacy and hopes one day to become a nuclear pharmacist. Some of her hobbies that she enjoys doing is experimenting with make-up, singing, and shopping. Otherwise, you'll catch her laze-ing around and probably daydreaming.