About Us

The Pre-Pharmacy Association Est. 1995


The Pre-Pharmacy Association was originally founded in 1995 as the Pre-Pharmacy Student's Association or PPSA. The organization met monthly and consisted of 5 officers and less than one hundred members. Since then PPA has expanded to over 300 members with the addition of Webmaster and Public Relations to meet the new demands of the growing organization. Today, PPA still strives to not only meet, but exceed standards to best accomodate current and future members.


​​The Pre-Pharmacy Association aims to prepare members for success in pharmacy schools starting in their undergraduate career. We provide opportunities to network , volunteer, learn more about Pharmacy Schools and the application process, and meet representatives and current students of Pharmacy Schools. In addition, members have access to discounted PCAT courses and a list of active members will be sent to the University of Houston College of Pharmacy Admission Committee. 

Official Constitution​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​